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1. Concepts

Website is an online information site Fastdriverdownload.com

The Terms of Use are this document, or we can call it the Terms.

Resources are information, images, audio files, movies, etc. or any information and / or material on this website.

The user is anyone who may access this website to use the website and / or resources on the website, in the Terms may be called or called “You”.

2. Right to change content of terms

Fastdriverdownload.com may, at its sole discretion, change, replace, modify, add to and / or remove a portion of the Terms. Terms will take effect immediately upon publication on the website. Therefore, every time you use this website, you need to review the content of the Terms to ensure you have the most complete information.

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3. Ownership

Resources not on this website are shared as links (urls) and their storage is not owned by Fastdriverdownload.com. We are not entirely responsible for the copyright claims of these resources.

You have the right to use this website and / or its resources for personal or internal purposes for non-business purposes, we encourage this use along with citing the source and keeping the link (link / url) to resources on this website. Any other use, including copying, modifying, re-publishing in whole or in part, transmitting, distributing, licensing, selling or publishing any resource is prohibited without permission. Pre-written approval of Fastdriverdownload.com

4. Restrictions on use

Fastdriverdownload.com does not tolerate any use of the website and / or resources of the website on any of the following:

1. Against the state / government

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4. Propagating and distributing personal information of third parties without their consent.

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8. Using any device, software and / or process to infringe or intentionally compromise the operation of the website.

9. Any actions that are unlawful and / or prohibited by their respective laws.

10. Infringing upon the rights and legitimate interests of Fastdriverdownload.com

11. Any action that we believe is inappropriate.

5. Exclusion of liability

When you agree to use this website, you accept all risks.


1. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or suitability for the purposes of the user, however we do our best to meet that requirement. When you use resources from a website, you accept the risk of that use. Resources are for reference only.

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