How to change the file extension on Windows?

Today, the download and save the data on the Internet has become very popular because there are quite a lot of useful and necessary documents for work as well as your own learning needs.
However, in some of the Website or Forum, then the data is split will have been compressed but they made changes to their tail, meaning that instead of the zip or rar format. they use a different format any  .fastdrv, .fastdri…..

So, after downloading this file, you need to do the reverse, that need the strange tails change into the tail. zip, rar, … to extract the files by using the extract software like 7zip, Winrar, … In this article, we will detail instructions how to change the tail files on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10.

How to change the file extension on Windows?

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First, you need to open Windows Explorer or My Computer in the Desktop interface.

On the Windows XP operating system

In My Computer interface, you select on Tools on the Menu bar. Then select the Folders Options.

folder options

In the View tab, remove the check mark in the box Hide extensions for known file types and click OK to complete.


On the Windows 7 operating system

In the main interface of My Computer, you click Organize >> Click on Folder and Search Options in the options in the menu to just show up.

folder and search options
Organize >> Folder and Search Options

At the interface of the window Folder Option, select the card View. Then, search and clear the check mark in the line Hide extensions for known files types as shown below.

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Finally, select OK. Once there, you all the files on the Windows will appear in behind them. If the music files they will show . mp3, ogg, … or video then the . avi, mp4, …

On Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

In the main interface of My Computer or This PC, you choose the card View in the Menu bar. Then, remove the check mark in the box Filename Extensions.

file name extenions

If you have updated to Windows Update 10 October, then to show the tail of files on Windows can perform simple as follows:

Step 1: Open the File Explorer in the bottom Taskbar


In the interface window has just opened up choose the card View.


Step 2: Search options are File name extensions , and then select this box to display the tail of the entire existing file on Windows 10.

file name exx

Here, you can also show or hide files, hide folders of Windows 10 by selecting the box Hidden items. It’s that simple!

How to fix the Windows files Extensions

To make the tail changed to a file any where you want, select the file, and then press F2 or select the right mouse button on the file and select Rename.


Similarly, you can make the other files. Real simple doesn’t it!