Driver Asus X44H Download – Driver Asus X44 for Windows 7 64bit


Asus X44H is manufactured on advanced technological processes. The surfaces on the Asus X44H  Laptop are carefully machined directly on the chassis for high accuracy, increased durability, increased scratch resistance, and shiny for external surfaces. The outer shell is made of good plastic material, has good durability, preserves the color and always keeps its shine over time. With a compact size of 34.8 x 24.2 x 2.57 cm (WxDxH) and a weight of no more than 2.4kg, users can feel secure about a friendly companion.

High-definition images, vivid with Asus X44H B812G32

Equipped with a 14 ” HD 16: 9 screen, maximum resolution of 1366×768, the screen is manufactured with LED Backlight technology to bring high definition images (1366×768 pixels resolution on monitors with size 14 inches), colors are fresh and vivid. Let’s experience the HD movies on Asus X44H screen , make sure your optical eyes will get exciting relaxing moments.

driver asus x44h

Asus X44H is equipped with Intel Celeron B815 generation Sandy Bridge processor, clocked at 1.6Ghz, Intel HD Graphics Graphics integrated right on the CPU with a clock speed of 650Mhz for programs that do not require high computing. , handle and automatically speed up to 1.05Ghz when performing tasks that require heavier graphics. A number of tests have proven that the performance on the X44H B812G32 is impressive, users are comfortable to surf the web with lots of flash smoothly. Not only that, some types of mid-range games or less are solved Asus X44H compact.

Download Driver Asus X44H For Widows 7

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