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Asus X441U is equipped with an Intel Core I3 6006U processor with 2.0 GHz speed, providing a smooth and responsive computing performance. In addition, it comes equipped with DDR3L 4 GB ram, with integrated Intel HD Graphic graphics chip and 500GB HDD, satisfying data storage and using software that requires no small configuration. .

Laptop Asus X441U is designed mainly for plastic, looks definitely help the body and gently. The device is 348 mm in size – 242 mm long – 27.6 mm thick, with a weight of only 1.75 kg which is quite light in comparison to the size of the machine, very convenient to carry with you when working out. Especially the back cover of the screen is brushed with high quality, creating a subtle, outstanding feature.

Asus X441 Drivers

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The device is equipped with 14-inch HD screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, besides that Asus is equipped with exclusive Asus Splendid technology, optimizing contrast, adjusting color temperature, with protection mode Eye Eye Care eye, well meet the needs of entertainment, watching movies, reading long-term documents.

Asus X441U is equipped with a monolithic Chiclet keyboard, with the standard size of X series, the distance from the key to the circuit board is only 1.8 mm, reducing the buoyancy status, making the typing feel flexible and firm. The touchpad of the device is also equipped with MultiTouchpad technology, ensuring good performance of basic operations of the user

The device is fully equipped with traditional connection ports including HDMI, VGA, LAN, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. In particular, Asus X441U is equipped with a C-type USB port for USB 3.1 speed, up to 5Gbit / s. It is equipped with 3Cell battery, ensuring a long working time. In addition, the ports are compact design to help ensure the slim size of the machine.