Download Asus E402MA Drivers for Windows 10

A laptop with an affordable price does not mean that only basic features are equipped. The Asus E402M gives you all the essential features of a laptop on a classy, ​​luxury body. Compact in size with elegant curves, the product is sold with three outstanding color options, and a firm grip.

E402MA drivers

Asus E402MA uses a simple but equally refined design. Contrary to its compact size, this machine has everything you need, with all the features and ports you need to work every day.

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To thoroughly handle temperature issues, ASUS IceCool technology provides a unique internal design for Asus E402MA to keep the palm rest surface temperature between 28 ゚ C and 35 ゚ C only, low. significantly more than your body temperature so you can be comfortable even for long hours.

More than, touchpad is designed to give you a more intuitive touchpad experience. You will feel completely natural when using the touchpad thanks to multi-touch technology and Smart Gesture input. Intuitive gestures allow you to swipe and scroll through web pages or actions to zoom in / out images easily with touch sensitivity equivalent to the screen of a smartphone.

Chiclet keyboard has a reasonable and scientific design that allows you to enter data more accurately. The keyboard has a key press distance of 1.6mm and minimizes keystroke status for a sense of certainty and a more comfortable typing experience. The keyboard is very durable, with a lifespan of up to 10 million keystrokes.

Asus E402MA is equipped with a powerful processor, to meet your everyday laptop use needs. This processor gives you smooth multitasking performance and a perfect platform for you to work on Microsoft Office, watch movies, surf the web or play the latest games